Web Development

With advancements in telecom infrastructure and awareness of computer, the business world is changing rapidly, It is now becoming essential for business to have a web presence, website is now an important weighing metric for a company. The era of static websites is already finished. Now users are more demanding and are always looking for database driven interactive website. We at SENDA Japan Ltd. are always up to date with current market trends and technologies and our experts are always ready to help you from a website to full enterprise web application. Our skill set comprises of all the major technologies including PHP, ASP, ASP.NET, JSP, Java, CFM, and Flash. We are experts in developing B2B, B2C and Intranet applications.

Software Solutions (Custom software development)

At SENDA Japan Ltd, we apply proper software engineering methodology to ensure that the developed software conform to specifications and exceed our client’s expectations. Client’s requirements are always our center of focus, our analyst get involved with domain experts and clients throughout the software development lifecycle to ensure the correctness and completeness of software.
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The specific areas of development where we have advanced expertise include complex Client / Server solutions, E-commerce and Web Applications and Desktop softwares.


Internet Marketing

Only perfect website with products or services is not enough for increasing sales, with at least 14.21 billion pages on indexed web.[i] till May 2011, It is getting impossible to be visible on Search Engines, Good placement on major search engines has became a complete science which lead to advent of a new field Internet Marketing. Remember people can only buy if they can see your products.

Internet marketing is different than traditional marketing, on internet anyone can browse your website and browse through all the products in your shop, this activity results in storing useful information by tracking what visitors are browsing through and what they are buying, this raw data can be converted to useful statistical information enables you make informed decisions to convert visitors into customers.